CA: 0x7A11F9AafBb6Bd881b7129374F2931F3fe5ab643


CA: 0x7A11F9AafBb6Bd881b7129374F2931F3fe5ab643


1,000,000,000,000,000 / 1 quadrillion

distribution: [70% will be locked in the pool 365 days]

Deflationary mechanism:


buy and sale 4%

Total 5 % Slippage


Q1 2024

- Community growth social media/ security audits 
- Kyce Liquidity lock 365 days
- Pancakeswap exchange listing 
- Contract renounce
- Coinmarketcap listing

Q2 2024

Coingecko List marketing + influencers
partnerships expanding B more to the public and international

Q3 2024

Listing on more Website that provides Information and data such as
price, Trade volumes, markets

Q4 2024

Bolbol coin is slated for listing on a Tier 1 exchange, promsing significat implications for its growth trajectory. This development is poised to bolster investor confidence and foster heightened interest in
the project


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